HOW TO BE HAPPY | Life hacks to keep resolutions!

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Back to my OG days where I’d just do a bunch of “HOW TO” videos. I just wanted to share all my findings on the Law of Attraction and clarify what it means to me and how I apply it into my daily life to feel happier. I hope the things I shared will be helpful for you to achieve your new years resolutions/ 2018 goals and help you stay motivated to live with a positive mind set! xoxo hails

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How Australia responds to “boat people” – asylum seekers.

Asylum seekers who were forcibly returned to Indonesia by lifeboat have given the first detailed account of their ordeal, and a unique insight into the Federal Government’s Operation Sovereign Borders.

New video footage of their journey has also emerged, despite Australian Government attempts to keep the turn-back operations secret.

The passengers who are now in detention in Indonesia have given the ABC’s 7.30 program their accounts of being forced onto an orange lifeboat after being held on the Australian Customs ship Triton off Christmas Island for up to a week.

Iranian asylum seeker Arash Sedigh, 35, said it was the second time he had tried and failed to reach Australia and been put on one of the orange boats, bought specially for the purpose by the Australian Government.

AUDIO: Listen to George Roberts’ PM report (PM)
Mr Sedigh said that during their detention on board the Triton he was separated from the other passengers so he could not warn them about their imminent return.

He claims officers “punched” him before putting him onto the lifeboat.

“I asked [sic] them, ‘We will die in this orange boat, it’s not suitable for passing the ocean’,” Mr Sedigh said.

I was holding to the sides of the boat that they took us to… I was just screaming. But the only thing they did was to pull me forcefully towards that boat.
Asylum seeker Azi Sedigh: “They told me, ‘That’s not our problem, that’s yours. If you die in the Indonesian water, [it] makes Indonesian government in trouble and responsible. That’s not our problem’.”


We are almost leaving for our big world trip, come join us on the preparations we did so far. Soon we will be leaving for our travels to Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and who knows where else 🙂 Pack your bags and come with us!



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THE REAL ME // Australia travel vlog

Hi all!!
I was in Australia for about 3 weeks and now you’re able to see just a little what I was doing there.
Hope you will enjoy it and thank you for watching!

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Drone rescues swimmers in Australia in world first

Help came from the air for two teenage swimmers struggling in powerful surf, in what the local authorities called a ‘world first’. A member of the public spotted the 16- and 17-year-old boys caught in a rip current in rough seas off Lennox Head, a New South Wales beach popular with surfers. A Westpac Little Ripper Lifesaver drone was quickly launched and directed to their location, where it deployed a life raft then used by the pair to get back to safety. Australia, whose 24 million people live mostly on the coast, had 291 drowning deaths in the year ending 30 June 2017
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Sydney 2017 | Travel Vlog Australia

So I flew half way across the world and ended up in Sydney, Australia for a few days. I’m not crazy, I just needed to catch up with some friends over there and it was the best time. All the shots were filmed by me, either on my G7X or on my iPhone 7, so the quality varies.

I know I’m not great at these travel videos but I love showing you guys the different corners of the world I visit, still a bit shy pulling out the camera in public. Enjoy 🙂

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