12/12/2017: Australian PM misquotes Mao, vexes Beijing | What’s China’s role in global solution?

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull vehemently denied his government’s anti-Chinese rhetoric on Monday, two days after bewildering Beijing by mimicking Chairman Mao’s 1949 independence manifesto and saying, “the Australian people stand up.” What events led to this incident? How will China-Australia ties be affected?  

“China is a part of the solution, not the problem,” said Li Cheng from John L. Thornton China Center of Brookings Institution, in an interview with The Point. Why is this the case and how is the Communist Party of China’s global vision being interpreted and at times misunderstood around the world?

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Australian Reacts To American Trying Australian Candy | Matthias

Hello! So, I’m Australian and I decided it would be a bit of fun to react to an American trying some of our Australian treats! I decided to react to Matthias, (whom I had never heard of) – mostly because he was on the first page of search and I liked his thumbnail. Anyway, Matthias tried out all sorts of Aussie candy’s like Violet Crumble, Tim Tam’s, and Apricot Indulgence (WOT?! haha). Let’s also not forget the classic, chocolate coated pineapple lumps (??). And of course, Australia’s favourite delicious spread, Vegemite! So I hope you enjoy my first reacting video! Let me know what you think down below and if you’d like to see any other reacting videos! x

See Matthias’ original video HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JB_TmpsY2d8


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Australians Guess Atlanta Slang | /Slanguage/

In Ep. 3, Brandon from Atlanta, finds out if people from Australia can translate ATL slang. #Slanguage

Slanguage is a game show where people are put to the test to see if they can translate slang words.

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Australian people

A brief overview of the people in Australia, including information on Indigenous Australians, European colonial settlement and Australia’s multicultural society.

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Intelligence Squared: Both Major Parties are Failing the Australian People

As the old truism would have it, ‘Whoever you vote for, the Government always gets in’. By the close of 2010, the Australian electorate’s sense of fatigue and disillusionment was palpable. Differences between Labor and Liberal felt incremental, and the big stories seemed to centre on alternatives, from the Greens to the Independents. Have the old forces in Australian politics lost their way?

Arguing in favour of the proposition are, in order of appearance, Carmen Lawrence, Greg Barns and John Hewson.

Lawrence posits that the major parties are being reconfigured into corporations, with power wrested from dwindling party memberships into a small handful of powerbrokers. The clout of vested interests and fear-mongering are criticised heavily by a passionate Barns, while former Liberal Party leader Hewson laments that the lack of “real policy debate” and long-term vision amidst a media that has ceased to be “investigative and supportive.”

Meanwhile, arguing against the proposition are Helen Kroger, Shaun Carney and Penny Wong.

Disagreeing strongly with first speaker Lawrence, Kroger suggests that the Liberal Party’s power remains at the grassroots of its membership, invoking Sir Robert Menzies’ “The Forgotten People” speech. Carney questions whether “room for improvement” equals “failure”, quoting strong unemployment and inflation figures comparative to other developed nations. Finally, Wong asks whether criticism of the major parties is merely a great Australian tradition wherein minor parties benefit from being ‘unburdened with the responsibilities of governing’.

Have modern Labor and Liberal governments shown themselves able to “govern for all, but also to govern for the national interest”, as Wong believes they should?


Carmen Lawrence: 0m4s
Helen Kroger: 9m20s
Greg Barns: 18m20s
Shaun Carney: 27m01s
John Hewson: 36m44s
Penny Wong: 46m06s