Hygge Life: Living A Happy Danish Lifestyle ○ Kirsty Dee

The hygge life has became a great internet trend and for very good reason. The danish are some of the happiness people in the world. Living a hygge danish lifestyle can help you feel happy too. The hygge pronunciation can be difficult and there is no english translation, but the best way I can describe it is to say it’s that feeling of happiness, cosiness and being content with the everyday ordinary things in life and giving them meaning. It’s a feeling of living in the moment, taking it all in, living simplicity and at a slower pace. Making time for friends and all helping each other with the chores and cooking. It’s huddling under a cosy blanket by candle light or by a warm open fire. It’s walks in nature and valuing everyone’s talents. It’s humble and it’s beautiful. It’s comfort food and making the everyday things extra special.

Thanks for watching,

Kirsty xx

PS sorry for the stretched out footage and glitches, I’m not sure what happened hehe!

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