RV lifestyle, visons and goals, living a happy free lifestyle with lots off freetime and adventure

Loving my RV Lifestyle and talking about having goals and just enjoying life as it is. How to Live the life you Love and LOVE the life you live and beeing HAPPY. You get the life that you are living and if you don´t like that life you have to change it. Think about what you love to do and how the best of life would look like if you didn´t have any hickups about it! And go and change it. Do whatever you have to because it is your life to live and your fault if you don´t live it. Let no one talk you in to there dreams. DREAM BIG and take risks because you are worth it.

I am from Sweden I will tell you something about myself and the plan for this channel and what you can expect. My RV is a Chausson Welcome 9, 2006 modell.

I am living in this RV full time and for a living I do several stuff. I work as a travel nurse, I am renting me out to hospitals in Sweden so i can live wherever I want and besides that I’m a youtuber, minimalist and survivalist. I am trying to get a passive income of this YouTube channel and other YouTube channels and you can see my channels on my channel start page and down in this description. I even have a paracord youtube channel. l am living in an RV making an income on bushcraft paracord survival bracelets in Sweden
I like to live in this RV and before that i lived in a tiny house on wheels that i have built myself and there is a channel for that too if you want to build one you can look at my channel and see if you like it, link below in description.

I am a person that does a lot of things and i like it to be like that and my way of living is doing things that i love and make money on it so that i can live as i please i want to wake up every day and do the stuff i love to. I’m not there yet but you will be able to see my way to get there and I’m getting there I!!!

I am always driven of goals and doing the right choices and sometimes you know maybe I don’t do the right choices but I do choices. If you don’t do choices you stay where you are and if there you are it’s not where you want to be well then you better do better choices

There are no failures there are no failures no no it’s not there are no failure if you tried and failed you can try and fail again but if you don’t try you will never succeed. Life is short live it as you please if you can’t do what you want now take small choices that make it happen sooner or later.

There is no no point in living a life that’s not yours don’t live your
parents or friends life. Don´t let status rule your life because of what other people think. It doesn’t matter what other people think of you it matters what you think about you, THAT matters.

Well so what will I do on this channel? I will talk like this to you about life and I will show you everything about my RV style lifestyle and nomadic lifestyle and passive income, minimalism, rat race and everything I do and working as a nurse and so on I will do what I think is fun and I hope you will think it’s fun to
Greatings Helena

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My cameras are Sony HDR-PJ530 och GoPro Hero5
Movies made in iMovie in a macbook pro 13
Lotta my funny cousine comments on some of my videos, she makes people laugh.
My RV is an Chausson Welcome 9, Modell 2006

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