Simplify and Focus on what makes You Happy – Pirate Lifestyle TV ™ Quickie 031 Quickie for the all NEW Pirate Lifestyle TV Show. If it’s not a hole in the boat, don’t worry about it.

Today’s quickie, with us now in the New Year, is about simplifying and focusing on what you love.

The person that has 100 priorities has no priorities.

Keep it simple. If it’s not a hole in the boat, don’t worry about it.

We allow our life to become cluttered with unproductive activities.

We all need to get ourselves in the right frame of mind.

How do we do this?

Focus on what is important.

Most importantly, do not focus on the negative.

Do not focus on the obstacles.

Do not focus on doing less of what you don’t like.

This is no fun.

As always, focus on the positive.

Focus on where you want to go.

Focus on what you love in your life and do more of it.

This is what makes us happy.

The shift will happen. It might start slowly, but it will happen.

I hope you enjoyed this pirate lifestyle TV quickie. Keep the great ideas coming, and please, share these videos with your friends.

Aye, livin’ the pirate lifestyle be about bein’ happy.

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