10 Weird Things That Are Common in Australia

Top 10 facts about Australia that are different from the rest of the world. Only seen in the Aussie world.
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Australia is a special country of its own. It is about the size of the United States and is larger than the United Kingdom and all the countries in Europe put together. Originally founded as a drop-off place for convicts, Australia has grown from its roots into a thriving country that has a booming tourism industry. Before there were convicts, Australia was home to the Aboriginal and Indigenous people, the oldest culture in the world. Not only do you have an English history, but also a tribal history that anthropologists continue to study today and have only skimmed the surface in regards to Australia’s rich history. But since its founding and development into a respected country, the quirky side of the Aussie nation has surfaced. But instead of shying tourists away from the land down under, it has actually attracted more visitors and has done wonders for the tourism industry.
For example, the sport of Frisbee may be seen as a nice picnic or beach day activity, but in Australia, they take the sport very seriously. In fact, Australia has three national teams dedicated to the sport and there are thousands of hobby teams all over, with members who have dreams of becoming a professional Frisbee player.
If you have a fear of spiders or snakes, it might be best to enjoy Australia from afar. The country is home to 20 out of the 25 most poisonous snakes in the world, and they have over 200 different species of the terrifying reptile. But this is all part of a day in the life of an Aussie. Did we mention that over half of these snake species are part of the cobra family? Yikes. Also, if you are an arachnophobia, you’ll have to figure out a way to manage your fear before hopping on that plane. Not only does Australia have a lot of spiders, but they are also huge with leg spans of half a foot.
Australia is also home to 150 million sheep and 40 million kangaroos, which grossly outweighs the human population of 20 million. So you basically have more animals than people. Sheep provide a great source of economic abundance with cotton and kangaroos, well, are stereotypical Australian tourist attractions that people occasionally eat. The country also hosts the largest dingo fence. A dingo being a dog-wolf hybrid that is notorious for attacking and killing livestock and even humans.
Australians are known for their quirky accents, they love of alcohol (ever heard of Beer Fridays?), and their sense of humor. In fact, there is a running joke that all Australians are in on, and that is the legend of the drop bear. The drop bear is rumored to be a giant koala that has razor sharp teeth and claws, and attack their victims by dropping on the heads of tourists from the trees. Of course, there’s really no such thing, but Aussies have made it an art to convince tourists otherwise, all the while enjoying laughs of the fearful visitors.
There are more weird things where that came from! Just take a peek at the video.

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