Australia Day is a day of mourning for Aboriginal People [CHANGE THE DATE]

Australia Day is a day of mourning for Aboriginal People [CHANGE THE DATE]

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Australia day should be celebrated by every single person in this country but the people who should celebrate the day aren’t celebrating at all, the Aboriginal people don’t celebrate Australia day on 26th of January as they’ve lost their land that day.

Australia Day 2017 started well until for the first time I met the REAL people of this land we call Australia, after hearing their stories and what took place in front of my eyes was unreal to me. A story which hurts all the Aboriginal people except the government, I wish for a day that we (the Australian communities) could all unite as one and celebrate Australia Day together so please “CHANGE THE DATE”.

Speaking of uniting as one, the Afghan communities weren’t present as one during the parade in Adelaide, why? I wish we (Afghan and Hazara) could show Australia people that we are united as ONE overseas if we can’t one at home.

Australia celebrations will continuously happened every 26th and if we stop and think about, we are reminding the Aboriginal people about their past and that’s what I don’t like. How hard is to change the date?

Australia day 2017 parade in Adelaide was an educational day, here are a list countries who were there:
– Australia
– Afghanistan
– Brazil

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