Australian Constitution | Australia in crisis | the will of Australians | les Power

Australian Constitution | Australia in crisis | the will of Australians | the Australian constitution | les Power.

The Australian Constitution is The Most Important Document in our land. The specific, proper legal name is The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution, and should be referred to as such at every opportunity.
There is no question, despite what the government are attempting to feed us, Australia is on the exact same trajectory as many other nations, that are now either under the control of foreign imports, or are experiencing the effects of same, in terms of Challenging the culture of the country, or more importantly, performing acts of aggression.
We live in a troubled world. I believe there are many many questions Australians need to ask as a matter of considerable urgency. It is my feeling that Millions of Australian People are in serious need of answers, but are wary ( or perhaps even afraid ) of asking questions for fear of reprisals in various forms, being branded sexist, racist, bigot, islamaphobe, far right wing, far left wing, homophobe, or other even less desirable terms, &/or threats, it seems to me whether actually true &/or justified or not.
I do acknowledge that we as a Country are in deep financial stress. At this time (early 2017) Australia is OVER FIVE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS in debt. At this time, Australians are responsible for paying approximately ONE AND A HALF BILLION DOLLARS PER MONTH in interest on our loans.
However, I believe our politicians have one of two absolute and URGENT responsibilities to the Australian People.
One, they MUST address The Australian People and inform us of just how serious our debt position is and justify these sales, or
Let me be very clear, I have no problem at all with a person who chooses to lead a homosexual lifestyle. Australian Law has been changed many times to enhance the standards by which homosexuals can live their lives in Australia, and I have no problem with that
whatsoever. However, I do see a trend and that certainly does disturb me deeply.
This is one of The Most Divisive factors we have ever faced as a Nation and as a People”.
Recent surveys ( 2 ) showed that half of Australians were in favour of an immediate stop to Islamic Immigration into our country.
I believe most sincerely, that both muslims and non muslims have made a mistake in thinking Australia was going to be a suitable destination for muslims to reside long term here in Australia.
I have stated in numerous other forums, that I have made a “layman’s” study of the appropriate aspects of The Australian Constitution. Whilst The Australian Constitution in its entirety is a long and complicated Document, I do not believe it is a requirement for all Australians to have an intimate knowledge of the complete Document. BUT, I DO BELIEVE it is essential for every Australian Citizen to know the basics of what the rights are as an individual under this, The Most Powerful Document in our land. The WILL Of The Australian People.
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