How To Speak Australian


I’m sorry, but I had to disable the comments. To be perfectly honest I would like to take this video down but for some reason some people actually enjoy it. I hardly talk like this, and its only a “select” group of individuals who do – this video started off as more of a personal joke between a group of friends of mine. I’m really tired of getting abusive emails from self acclaimed linguists breaking down exactly why I’m so wrong and insulting my intelligence over a video that is a JOKE. Please remember than even if you don’t agree with something (especially something as ridiculous as this) there is more than likely a story behind it explaining why it’s so ridiculous so dont be so fast to send hate mail in the future.

In short, “too many cunts were being fuckin pricks, sorry to the champs who were actually commenting nice shit, but all the shit heads ruined it for everyone. What a mob of fuck wits”

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