Twenty people rescued from Australian rollercoaster

Twenty young thrill seekers have been rescued from an Australian rollercoaster ride after it broke down, just months after four people died at a nearby theme park.

Emergency crews were called to Movie World on the Gold Coast after the Arkham Asylum ride malfunctioned, although no-one was injured.

The Queensland Fire and Emergency Services said 20 people were stranded in their seats 20 metres (65 feet) off the ground, some for 90 minutes, in stifling heat.

Queensland Ambulance Service official Paul Young said none of the trapped passengers, mostly teenagers, needed medical treatment.

“They all looked a bit flushed and a bit hot as you would imagine, sitting in the sun,” he told reporters. is an Irish news website that invites its users to shape the news agenda. Read, share and shape the day’s stories as they happen, from Ireland, the world and the web.

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