What Australians Think of America

Australians on the street voice their thoughts on America and Americans, and also attempt accents.

SAY “HI” – BelieveOnceAgain(@)gmail.com

0:08 – General thoughts
0:48 – Best thing?
1:25 – Worst thing?
1:52 – Biggest myths
3:52 – Accent attempts
4:32 – Message to Americans

P.S. If you’re American, don’t take this too seriously. As much as you might want to think it… we don’t really hate you (that much ;).

Comment with ideas/themes/questions for future videos and I will most probably do it! 🙂

Massive thanks to Pablo for filming!

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**The (comic) thoughts and opinions expressed here are those of the individuals and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any agency of the Australian government**

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