5 PROS AND CONS ABOUT SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA | Travelling, moving and living in Sydney Australia



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Hey! This is my follow up video from my previous video, It cost HOW MUCH to live in Sydney?

Sydney is an amazing place. It truely is. Sydney has it’s pros and its cons. There are way more pros for Sydney than cons, however there are a few cons. The cons don’t override the pros, but its fun to point them out 🙂

This video was inspired mostly by Danielle Muller Living in Sydney: Pros and Cons. The amazing lifestyle of Sydney is the biggest pro. We have an amazing lifestyle

Let me know what you guys think, comment down below any suggestions you have, if you agree or disagree, let me know!


Video Equipment

Camera: Canon 650D
Lens: EFS 13-135mm
Lighting: Photo Studio Continuous Light Stand Kit 50x70cm Softboxes
Editing Software: iMovie


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