Step by Step guide to Work and Travel Australia

This is a step by step guide to work and travel all of Australia for 1 year price breakdown. Basically you can travel and work and have more travel and still come out of the country with more money then you came with.

Just have to be smart. For example don’t go crazy every night spending money at the pub. The pub tab can really rack up especially with the prices. Buy a jug instead of a pint if you go out. Get free vouchers and always pre game. You can go goon route. I have been through many goons and don’t go cheap on goon. You can not go wrong with Berri Estate brand (I prefer white). You can also go passion pop for usd a bottle which is wine. If you don’t feel wine then go the beer route. Tun beer is 5% alcohol and can buy 30 beers for usd and theres also Japanese beer that goes for same price but per six pack and they taste good! If you feel spirits then they are about the same if not a lil more and cheaper then here in the USA.

This is a guide for a USA audience so I stuck with one currency, measurement, and visa type. You can always convert. Euro is about the same as the usd and the pound is a bit stronger. The working holiday visas are either a 417 or 462 but there others such as student visa, sponsorship visa, skilled worker visa.

Enjoy and leave a thumbs up if you have a chance and if you have any questions feel free to comment below. Theres a lot of information on the internet but I like to keep it real.

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